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Our Mission


Operational health and safety

As a modern organization, often operating in demanding environments, our commitment to safety is paramount. Canadian Erosion and Containment Ltd fosters a culture of safety, strives to ensure operations are safe, and that our staff and those around us are not at risk.

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commitment to the Environment

We deliver systems that are intended to manage erosion and soil stability, and operate in a manner that minimizes our footprint on the environment. All products are sustainable and environmentally conscious, and we look for methods and materials that work together with environmental concerns.  

All of our equipment is well-maintained to minimize the likelihood of spills, and we have management systems in place to mitigate any risks to the environment related to our works. MSD, JHAS and all other safety systems and insurance documents are available for review on request.

Professional, Timely Communication

Canadian Erosion and Containment Ltd prides itself on providing timely, professional and appropriate communication to our clients to solve their challenges and deliver projects on time and without delays.

Through our team, we have significant knowledge, qualifications and experience to deliver a number specialized solutions for each project environment. Our team's qualifications and experience will ensure our clients receive the specialized solution for all project situations.

The CEC team all recognize the challenges of operating in difficult environments and we are commit to providing solutions rather than challenges for our clients each time we step onto your job site, we believe its how you solve the problem rather than the problem itself.

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